A new caravan is a massive investment these days, for some the feeling of retirement, and driving the open road, pulling up where you like and relaxing is the ultimate reward for a job well done in life.

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New Cars

Your new car is an investment that you have taken time considering, yes, sure you will insure it, and it will be covered, but did you know that an installed security device such as iSPY, can actually help reduce your premium.

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Motocross Bikes

This is the main reason we began iSPY, we have had bikes stolen, we know the feeling of nearly catching them in the act, but being 2 minutes to late.

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Jet Ski

Jet Ski,s are becoming a favourite target for thieves. They are getting them easily, driving an hour and spending there weekend on your hard earned.

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Camper Trailers

You have made a big investment for this luxury, a time for your family to be just that, a family. So with that in mind, what's the security of your investment really worth?

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Ride-On Mowers

Your mower is your investment, no one deserves it more than you. So when someone takes it, you want it back.

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iSPY was a company started after the inevitable happened to one of the owners himself.

Seeing how easily a pair of young thieves could get into something he considered to be well secured, he discovered the lengths they will go to, to steal anything they wanted.

It wasn't until he went to the police asking them to follow up what he knew that he was told, if you had some form of tracking device like the mobile phones these days have, we could get a warrant and go check it out, but if you don't, we can't do a thing.

The penny dropped, why couldn't there be some kind of monitoring device on a dirt bike, expensive cars have them, fleet vehicles have them, they even put them in watches these days, and that's where iSPY began.

Back in 2010, the search started for a unit that was small enough, it had to be well hidden, it had to be at least water resistant, dust proof, handle the vibrations of a dirt bike all day.

We went through numerous units, each came up with a problem, or it was just going to be way to expensive to the market we were aiming at.

When we came across the i525 unit, we knew there had to be some minor changes, but it was just what we were after.

The next hurdle was getting all our monitoring sorted, making it easy for absolutely anyone to activate, to be able to monitor and be cost effective.

We believe we have done this now.

We now have our new free Apps, with the press of 3 buttons, you can be looking at your car, live.

We have everything you need on one website, from activation, to monitoring, to having questions submitted and answered, it had to be simple.

Installation and backup on the unit has been refined, our qualified installers understand the reasons in having a unit, they understand that covert installation is the main goal, after all, it's no good if a thief knows there's a monitoring unit onboard his new stolen toy, it will be laying on the side of the road, so it's installed where they will never find them, cars, bikes, boats, jet ski,s, caravans, work trailers, ride on mowers, tractors, general plant, no matter what, we have a unit that will give you peace of mind, and the feeling of knowing your back in control.