This is the main reason we began iSPY, we have had bikes stolen, we know the feeling of nearly catching them in the act, but being 2 minutes to late.

I heard my bike going down the road, but, we were never going to be able to catch a dirt bike in Sydney traffic.

If I knew what I know now but, I would be walking inside, picking up my mobile phone, opening my app, and watching where the clown took my bike, ringing the police, and telling them I would meet them there.

With a monitoring device onboard, it makes life for he police so much easier in accessing a residence to get back your bike.

Be it a motor crosser with a battery,or fuel injected, we can supply a unit GST fits, and now, we also have the 2 stroke mini bike range covered as well, charge your unit, and stick it in your bike and know your protected for 60 days, that's right, 2 months of standby power.

Contact us, and begin the fight back against bike theft.